General Cancer Resources

People who have been diagnosed with cancer often have unique requirements in areas such as nutrition, sleep and exercise. This applies to patients undergoing cancer treatment as well as to those who are survivors and have finished surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Here are some useful resources pertaining to your health if you are living with cancer.


According to the Canadian Cancer Society good nutrition is especially important for people with cancer. Eating a variety of foods and well-balanced meals can help you feel better and stay stronger. Eating well during treatment helps to maintain your body weight and improve your strength and energy. It also decreases the risk of infection and assists your body in healing and recovery from cancer treatment.

Registered dietitians and registered nutritionists are the most reliable source for nutrition and food counselling. They translate the science of nutrition into practical advice based on your specific needs. Dietitians of Canada members are university educated and regulated health professionals. As evidence-based practitioners, dietitians translate complex scientific evidence into practical solutions to promote health and well-being.

Vincci Tsui is a Calgary based registered dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. She believes in helping clients learn to listen to their body and their inner wisdom when it comes to making decisions around food, eating and health. Vincci has experience working with cancer patients and has taught cooking classes and workshops for people living with cancer. She takes a collaborative and compassionate approach to nutrition counselling and coaching.



Sleep problems such as lack of sleep or feeling tired can make coping with cancer more difficult. It can also make symptoms of the disease or side effects of treatment seem worse. Sleep problems can be caused by emotions, including anxiety or depression. They can also be caused by symptoms of cancer or the ongoing side effects of treatment.

Canadian Sleep Consultants has two locations in Calgary and is proud to be a truly multi-disciplinary sleep team. The team includes adult and pediatric sleep physicians, sleep technologists, and a registered psychologist. As a patient, your treatment is complimented by support staff that are intensively focused in providing sleep care.


Today, many cancer care teams are urging their patients to be as physically active as possible during cancer treatment. A lot of cancer survivors are learning about the advantages of being physically active after treatment, too. According to the American Cancer Society, research has shown that exercise is not only safe and possible during cancer treatment, but it can improve how well you function physically and your quality of life.

Most major cities have special classes or programs designed specifically for those of us dealing with cancer. For example, the Alberta Cancer Exercise Program (ACE) is a free, 12-week community-based exercise program designed specifically for individuals undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment, 

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